Interpreter Service

Ensuring equal access to our services

Many people in our community do not speak English or have a very limited understanding of the language. To make sure everyone can access our services we offer free interpreters.

TIS National delivers this free service on behalf of the Australian Government and offers access to over 3,000 interpreters in over 160 different languages.

Interpreter Service - Bendigo Primary Care Center

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You can access an interpreter for any service with your doctor or medical specialist that is eligible for the Medicare rebate.

We generally use on-site interpreting. A qualified medical interpreter will meet you here at Bendigo Primary Care Centre and attend your appointment in person. Occasionally, if an interpreter is not available to meet face-to-face, we may suggest a phone interpreter.

To book an interpreter, just speak to our reception team when you make your appointment and we'll take care of everything.

No. The interpreter service is offered free of charge for any service that is eligible for a Medicare rebate.

Qualified medical interpreters are trained to help patients understand important medical information.

While a friend or family member may be able to communicate the details of your diagnosis or treatment, there is a risk that some information may be missed or may not be translated as effectively as it could be.

Acting as an interpreter is also a big responsibility. Some people, especially a young person or someone who is very close to you, may find it stressful and it could have an impact on relationships.

We recommend using the interpreter service, but of course, if you prefer to use a family member or friend, that's completely fine.