Bendigo Primary
Care Centre
Large team
of doctors
specialist nurses
Allied health
Chronic disease
Careers and
We are
meeting the needs of the
growing Bendigo community
We are
one of the largest teams of
doctors in the region
We are
a caring team of
specialist nurses
We are
a diverse group of allied
health professionals
We are
a supportive provider of chronic
disease management
We are
a premier medical training centre
in regional Victoria

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Our success is driven by partnerships with some of the industry’s most reputable organisations.

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Healthcare for Bendigo

Our centre has been caring for the people of Bendigo for more than 25 years.

bendigo senior care

Providing care to suit your needs
and stage of life

Whether you’re a young family or are about to become one. Whether you’re busy and active, managing complex health conditions or seeking balance as you age; we can support you.

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The region’s only not-for-profit centre

We opt instead to reinvest in training regional health
professionals and providing care to those most in need. As a patient you’ll be part of improving the overall health of our community now and into the future.

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doctor and patients

Offering a full range of services
under the one roof

A full range of services under the one roof

Our large team of medical practitioners, nurses and allied health professionals work together so you can spend less time organising appointments and more time focussed on feeling better.

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